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Amino Acids and ADHD or ADD 

We have spend many hours researching this one for you as it was mentioned in October 98 to us, and then again in the article by Dr Greenblatt, and in the October 98 ezine by Dr Chris Reading.

Dr Chris Reading is a well-respected orthomolecular psychiatrist and consultant in Australia. He says, " the child with ADHD is usually very metabolically disadvantaged with low vitamins, amino acids, minerals and a high level of toxic and heavy metals."
They may also have delayed reactions to food and chemical sensitivities as shown on the cytotoxic test, and often immediate reactions to foods and inhalant allergens."
"many have severe food and chemical sensitivities to cow's milk, gluten-containing grains, legumes and beans- all of which can cause severe malabsorption state and flat gut villi and thus low vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
In tests 500 samples of ADHD hair/urine/serum have shown low levels of iron and zinc and high levels of aluminium and lead (UK 1994). Tartrazine (102) and Sunset Yellow (110) colouring cause serum zinc to fall and urinary zinc to increase in hyperactive children.
In the normal control group, results were different. 
It is alarming that full investigative pathology is not routinely ordered for ADHD. Instead we see the drug Ritalin increasingly prescribed as the only resort. Ritalin suppresses some of the symptoms but does not rectify basic dysfunctioning body chemistry, which is causing them. (Essential Fatty Acids help)"

We know of some ADHD people who need to eat massive amounts of protein to help them gain control. 
The more we researched the more we found the same thing, and we have become quite excited about it all. 
There seems to be two amino acids that are often repeated as being essential. 
Are you ready for the technical stuff!!! 
 From the book " Brain Longevity" by Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa, page 251
 ....some amino acids (or partial proteins) are also of special value.

The major nutritional precursor of the energizing neurotransmitter norepinephrine, phenylalanine helps brighten mood, stimulate energy, and improve memory. To feel energetic and to have a good long-term memory, it's absolutely vital that you have  sufficient intake of phenylaianine. Some people take phenylaianine supplements, although this is not always necessary.

The major nutritional precursor of GABA, the calming neurotransmitter, glutamine can also improve clarity of thought, and can increase alertness--probably because it helps produce glutainic acid, which neutralizes metabolic wastes in the brain. Some people ingest glutamine prior to events that require increased alertness. 
Another amino acid that helps to "clean' the brain of toxins, methionine acts as a powerful antioxidant, and helps prevent the accumulation of heavy metals in the brain, such as mercury or cadmium. 
This amino acid is partly converted in the body to a chemical called spermine, which helps the brain to process memories. Low levels of spermine are sometimes a biological indicator of age-associated memory impairment. Arginine is also an effective stimulator of the metabolism, and is used by some people as part of a weight-loss formula. 

 As mentioned previously, tryptophan is easily available in supplement form, but can be ingested in foodstuffs (especially by eating high-carbohydrate foods). It is the major nutritional precursor of serotonin, the primary "feel good' neureo transmitter. If you frequently feel agitated, or have insomnia, this may be caused by a deficit serotonin 

 Amino Acids
We have found a source of the Phenylaianine and Glutamine and more information about them at Dr Click here Type Amino Acids into the search book on the page that comes up and you will be able to read more about these acids.

Therefore if all the information we have shared with you, on amino acid deficiency being part of the reason for the "foggy brain" we all know about, is worthwhile, we suggest you trial a supplement from Dr Whitaker .com for a month. That way you will see if it is part of your personal ADHD jigsaw. For the full list of the supplements available for Health & Healing click here.

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